The United States and the rest of the world face the most sophisticated underwater threat by drug smugglers and terrorists by covert NARCO submarines and semi-submersibles. What was only the technological domain of the two major superpowers is now available to anyone with money and a desire to operate an export business of drugs or nuclear terror.


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The allure of profit drives many innovations. "Drug Subs: The Worldwide Invasion by the Narco-Submarine Fleet" tells the history of submarines and how the black market has embraced them for drug smuggling around the world, and what authorities have started to try to do about it. A fascinating look into the way crime will push itself for a profit, "Drug Subs" is well worth considering.

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NEWS:  22 Apr 2010

North Korean officials who have defected to South Korea but still have contact with North Korean military sources say they have been told that the attack was carried out and involved a unit of 13 specially trained commandos and modified midget submarines.

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